“My decision process was that, like many others, I never believed that Trump would be elected.”
Christo "would transform a racist project into a public art event."
"Those who experience The Floating Piers will feel like they are walking on water - or perhaps the back of a whale," said
One Italian consumer group seems to think so.
Nobody who has passed under the saffron Gates in snowy New York or hiked by the billowing sails of the Running Fence or experienced any of his "wrapped projects" remembers anything but the joy of the moment, the temporary excitement of being part of a grand thing, who they were with, what was happening in their life at the time, the very evanescence making us question our natural instincts for permanence and security. "Each project is like a slice of our life," says Christo.
"The Mexicans were throwing around names like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Rufino Tamayo, but they decided pretty quickly
The winds of change, imaginary currents of invention and practicality, often find their way by slowly drifting into an urban neighborhood that has the potential to be reinvigorated into an area with a more useful purpose.
Art and nature: the outdoor sculpture park offers the best of both worlds. Especially during the summer holidays, when we're eager to trade in weary museum-legs for the invigorating effects of the nature hike, without sacrificing the need to view and appreciate great artworks.
The pair's most recent completed work is "The Gates," a $21 million dollar project which was fully realized over the course
A word about documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, who died last week. I didn't know him well, but well enough to call him Al. We had not seen one another very often in the past few years, yet decades ago, he played a crucial role in my transition to independence and adulthood.