Christopher A. Wray

The committee was set to initiate contempt proceedings Thursday against FBI Director Christopher Wray in a dispute over a form involving a tip about Biden.
The FBI's Christopher Wray said it feels like "every day I’m getting briefed on someone throwing a Molotov cocktail at someone."
New information raises even more troubling questions about the FBI's lack of action ahead of the Jan. 6 violence.
The agency has already arrested nearly 500 people in connection with the insurrection, the director told lawmakers on Tuesday.
"It’s not going away anytime soon," Christopher Wray said in a Senate hearing on the Capitol riot.
Right-wing groups have spread misinformation that anti-Trump anarchists spurred the Jan. 6 attack. Wray says no evidence of that has surfaced.
Questions about the FBI’s preparations for the riot, and investigations into it, are expected to dominate Wray’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
FBI Director Christopher Wray said his agency has found "an extensive amount of concerning online chatter" about possible plans for Inauguration week.
“No one deserves unwelcome sexual misconduct or sexual harassment," the FBI Director said, but admitted some agents "haven’t always lived up to those standards.”
Christopher Wray's testimony contradicts President Trump's claims of an election conspiracy.