Here, the unbelievably gracious and modest Allison Williams shows just how little her work ethic resembles her character
Imagine you direct your very first film and it gets the Best of Next Award at Sundance and the Emerging Artist Award for both director and actor at the Chicago International Film Festival. That's exactly what happened for first-time director Josh Mond and actor Christopher Abbott with the emotional, moving and the beautifully-made film, James White, out in theaters nationally this Friday.
Blundstone, a manufacturer of fine and sturdy boots, has announced their sponsorship of the HIFF. A version of this post
When mining one's own experience into a film, it is easy to fall into well-worn traps: an avoidance of deeper issues, sugar coating the main characters and succumbing to tangential storylines.
What are you most recognized for? Abbott: Me and my mother have a good relationship. Maybe I didn’t answer the question. I
I saw Mona Fastvold's The Sleepwalker while at Sundance, which is available on VOD and at opening at New York's IFC Center November 21st. The film stars Gitta Witt, Christopher Abbott and Brady Corbet and Stephanie Ellis, all talented young actors worth being aware of.
The Day for Night series traveled to Sundance to talk to some of the filmmakers and cast with films playing at the festival this year.
Today, as we binge-watch series on DVD or compulsively stream shows on Netflix, our hunger for content seems only to grow the more we feed it. Which makes the decision to simultaneously showcase five works by a young playwright named Lucy Thurber an idea whose time has come.
Now, Williams has opened up to TVLine about the impact Abbott's departure will have on Marnie's storyline in Season 3, admitting
Check out the video below for a full explanation from the guys. HBO has revealed that Season 2 won't be easy on the girls
From being fiercely loyal to his girlfriend Marnie (Allison Williams) to publicly outing her innermost thoughts via her best
History is repeating itself on Broadway. Ben Stiller made an auspicious Broadway debut in a revival of The House Of Blue Leaves 15 years ago. Almost to the day, he stars in a new mounting of John Guare's blackly comic play.