Christopher Jackson

The Emmy and Grammy Award-winning powerhouse portrays George Washington in the Broadway juggernaut 'Hamilton' and veteran
“One of our producers came in really angry because he had spoken to one of the TKTS people [who man Broadway ticket-selling
But the creators apparently haven't trusted it to appear in a traditional Broadway theater. Stadium-style seating built in
While Holler if Ya Hear Me, the new musical featuring the songs of Tupac Shakur, has strong performances by Broadway vets, I found the work of Broadway newbies Joshua Boone and Dyllon Burnside equally as impressive.
If gangsta rap on Broadway seems an improbable thing, Jackson points to such groundbreaking shows as "American Idiot," which
Eric Simonson, who gets his kicks writing plays about sports figures, is jumping the gun on Valentine's Day by sending a lavish Broadway card to now 88-year-old Yogi Berra.
Two men were arrested after what authorities said was a violent fight over a Walmart parking space. The Associated Press
"That's pretty crazy and kind of scary," Brett Schneidt, a neighbor, told Fox Phoenix at the time of Jackson's initial arrest
Christopher Jackson, 49, allegedly used a branding tool and a butane torch to burn the initials "CJ" onto his girlfriend