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The "Devil Wears Prada" star recalled how her identity became "toxic" online due to criticism after she took home her first Oscar for her role in "Les Misérables."
“I’d have to consider it,” the “Dune: Part Two” actor told The New York Times.
The esteemed director gushed over the multibillion-dollar franchise in an unexpected admission.
The "Oppenheimer" director reflected on his past speech honoring the late actor, who posthumously won a Golden Globe for his role as the Joker in "The Dark Knight."
Peloton members eventually dug up a video of an instructor going off on one of the director’s movies — and it’s pretty brutal.
The "Oppenheimer" star said the earlier Nolan film broke his heart and "had a big impact" on him.
Charles Oppenheimer decried the scene in Christopher Nolan's film in which his grandfather seemingly tries to poison his university tutor.
Uday Mahurkar, India's information commissioner, urged director Christopher Nolan to cut the sex scene from his film.
“He declined every dinner invitation for the entire film,” said Matt Damon.
Damon revealed he had agreed to take an acting break, with one key exception.