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The Oscar winner is also known for his work on Broadway and in the movies "The Insider," "Beginners" and "Knives Out."
"I can’t imagine what he is doing now," she said, according to Variety.
"I immediately wanted to make a film with Spacey," the Italian director said.
Foy says she’s “not surprised” by the firestorm over reports she earned less than her co-star Matt Smith.
This tweet will live on in Academy Awards history.
Ridley Scott’s upcoming film 'All The Money In The World' will no longer include actor Kevin Spacey. He’s being replaced with Christopher Plummer.
The actor, accused of sexual assaults, is being replaced by Christopher Plummer in last-minute reshoots.
In 2007, he directed the world premiere of a musical based on Happy Days with book by the iconic Garry Marshall. "It was
Academy Award nominated director, Atom Egoyan, joined me for the the most recent episode of The Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano. His film, Remember, is out this Friday nationally.
The Holocaust film Remember is set in the present. The thriller contains no flashbacks. It takes place entirely in North
There must be a day of reckoning and it can't be left up to fate. That's the premise of this extremely inventive geriatric revenge movie, which is the brainchild of casting director turned screenwriter Benjamin August.
In Atom Egoyan's new feature, Remember, Christopher Plummer, more commonly seen as a German--think The Sound of Music--plays
The Forbidden Room, directed by Maddin (Evan Johnson has a "co-director" credit) was the gem of the festival. An epic and
The Toronto International Film Festival has aged gracefully into its 40th year anniversary. Black directors, actors and writers have enhanced the celebratory occasion with fine performances and artistic contributions in indie films, big budget movies and life-affirming documentaries.
So what's McGillicuddy's favorite offering at this year's festival? Genevieve honestly found it hard to choose between two screen legends who'd agreed to make special appearances at TCFF 2015.
Danny Collins isn't just about showbiz. It's about family, regret, second chances, friendship, inspiration, perseverance, and artistic integrity in a film where all of the actors give some of their best performances I've seen in years.