"He clearly doesn’t know how the federal agencies work."
Donald Trump may have a lot of money, but it can't buy him what he needs to make him a credible Republican presidential candidate. Fortunately for him, Newsmax has been more than willing to provide that.
If Newsmax wants to be taken seriously as a news operation, it should be more transparent to its readers about its behind-the-scenes fundraising and donations -- or perhaps not make them in the first place and let its words speak for themselves.
Newsmax is working so closely with political action committees that it's hosting their websites, how can it possibly be trusted to report the news fairly.
On Aug. 9, Newsmax ran a rare editorial endorsement of a candidate Bill McCollum, running in the Republican primary for Florida governor. Unmentioned was the fact that Newsmax had slanted its coverage of the race.
Even to allow Obama's socialist programs a mere toe in the water could prove to be too late. These programs are like flypaper