Christopher Steele

Putin has been breaking up meetings for medical treatment, says former M-I6 "Trump dossier" spy Christopher Steele.
Christopher Steele says he thinks the infamous golden showers tape is real -- and shared why he believes Russia hasn't released it.
“I think our interview is now over.” President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer flipped out on a Fox Business host after she compared him to an ex-British spy.
Trump's personal attorney ranted and screamed at Fox Business host Kennedy for asking about the provenance of his Hunter Biden smears.
The ex-FBI director told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was “enormously” proud of the FBI’s work.
Christopher Steele and Donald Trump's daughter allegedly struck up a friendly relationship in 2007.
The Republican congressman made the unrelated allegation during a hearing about a whistleblower complaint against Trump.
Trump, his staff and his allies are trying to equate their actions in the 2016 campaign with that of a former British intelligence officer who helped the FBI break the FIFA scandal.
A Russian businessman told then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen that he had "stopped flow of tapes" coming from the country.
One Twitter user said it would be a shame if everyone suddenly updated Giuliani's Wikipedia page with "hilarious information."