Christopher Steele

The ex-FBI director told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was “enormously” proud of the FBI’s work.
Christopher Steele and Donald Trump's daughter allegedly struck up a friendly relationship in 2007.
The Republican congressman made the unrelated allegation during a hearing about a whistleblower complaint against Trump.
Trump, his staff and his allies are trying to equate their actions in the 2016 campaign with that of a former British intelligence officer who helped the FBI break the FIFA scandal.
A Russian businessman told then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen that he had "stopped flow of tapes" coming from the country.
One Twitter user said it would be a shame if everyone suddenly updated Giuliani's Wikipedia page with "hilarious information."
Steele canceled his plan to participate in a "Disinformation and Democracy" panel at a Baltimore conference, according to Politico.
A report promised by the president will try to discredit Robert Mueller using the same attacks as Fox News hosts and House Republicans.
FBI and the intelligence community are still working to untangle possible connections between Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian intelligence.
The president accused the attorney general of being MIA in a tweet from his New Jersey golf resort.