Christopher Stevens

"We came, we saw, he died," Clinton boasted with a chuckle over the brutal death of a defanged dictator, ignoring the fact that the secular Gadhafi, long past his boisterous prime, was hardly a serious threat to the stability of the region.
We see politicians alienated from the electorate who are inarticulate and inelegant in their language, not only unable to create the optimum sound bite on message, but mistake prone; in short, they are remarkably unqualified to appear before the camera.
Libya's collapse has been almost total. Alas, the consequences will linger for years if not decades. When war-happy politicians, including Hillary Clinton and her gaggle of Republican rivals, next stand before America, voters should hold these pitiful policymakers accountable for the disaster they created in Libya.
Five commandos guarding the C.I.A. base in Benghazi, Libya, in September 2012 say that the C.I.A. station chief stopped them
Lack of money could be pointed to in reference to every public function; it is a bit too easy an out, since there is never enough money appropriate to go around. In Benghazi there is a deeper misjudgment, but it takes no dog-and-pony show to see it.
Appearing on CNN Wednesday, Morell chimed in once more. WASHINGTON -- Rep. Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican tasked
Hillary Clinton talks about her 'biggest regret' during her tenure as secretary of state
Darrell Issa says one thing. The facts say something else.
In particular, the report's conclusion that al Qaeda played no role has been seized upon by defenders of the president as
A BOYISH-LOOKING AMERICAN DIPLOMAT was meeting for the first time with the Islamist leaders of eastern Libya’s most formidable
The controversy over the Obama administration’s response to the Benghazi attack last year began at a meeting over coffee
CAIRO — In the month before attackers stormed U.S. facilities in Benghazi and killed four Americans, U.S. Ambassador Christopher
Death in Benghazi: Republicans are outraged. This time.
Lew responded that while he was one of several people who met with Obama about the attacks, "intelligence community was in
Some of us haven't gotten past what's been ingrained in us societally -- that if a man cries, it's an honest show of emotion. If a woman even chokes up, she is a weak little girl who can't be trusted in a position of power.
White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama endorsed the recommendations of the Benghazi report and expects them to be fully
Abu Ahmed, released from an Egyptian prison in 2011 after the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, was originally arrested
I have to tell you something that just happened on Capitol Hill, and that is our Senate producer Ted Barrett just ran into