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The porn star tells the court she's afraid her ex-boyfriend will kill her if he gets out of prison.
By: Lily Norton, Belmont University ‘18 Ah, pornography. This giant among media industries continues to provide global guilty
Now is a powerful moment of mainstream media attention to sexual assault of victims that often get ignored -- because they're sex workers, because they're promiscuous, because they drank, because they are black, because they are poor, or because they have criminal convictions.
Warning: The video and report below contain graphic allegations of domestic abuse.
After a second 911 call from a neighbor, it took police 17 minutes to respond -- or 2 hours and 23 minutes after Mack's original
Thomas suffered a bone fracture and multiple contusions. Mack’s injuries included 10 broken bones, a broken nose, missing
Her ex "sawed much of my hair off with this dull knife," she said. At about 2 am Friday morning, Jon Koppenhaver arrived
#WMN goes into the stories for, by and about women. This week, we discuss why we still need feminism, how social media can help change the conversation around domestic violence victims and the Fields Medal's first female winner.
The possibility of being imperfect -- of making mistakes -- without dire consequences is in some respects the very definition of privilege. For only some groups need to fear that they may trip the wire of state-sanctioned violence at any moment.
En una declaración enviada a The Huffington Post, Mack da detalles de lo sucedido y de las heridas que le produjo el ataque
Mack said she can't chew or see out of her left eye. "My speech is slurred from my swelling and lack of teeth. I have a fractured
Jonathan Koppenhaver is accused of beating porn star Christy Mack on Friday evening in an attack that left her with "serious
That alternative medicine is a consumer movement is well known. Less known or appreciated is how a powerful group of consumers shaped the movement to implant these alternatives into conventional treatment.
Without saying the "p" word -- psychology -- the Veterans Health Administration has turned to integrative health approaches to address health challenges that run the gamut from post-traumatic stress disorder and physical disabilities to divorce, brain injury and suicide.
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