chronic absenteeism

Provide Extracurricular Activities and Electives: My students love playing sports, joining clubs, and attending school activities
This is one way to improve school attendance rates.
Absenteeism matters. It is more strongly associated with dropping out than low test scores. The reasons that children from low-income families miss more school are varied. Their families may not have the ability to advocate for proper services for students with learning or physical disabilities.
If a school really wants to meet the needs of its students and families enough to raise student achievement, it needs more
These individual failures affect entire schools. For every percentage point increase in chronic absenteeism, the number of
The new study used survey data from the 2013 National Assessment for Education Progress, a standardized test administered
The response to this week's big report from the National Council on Teacher Quality has shown that not every district agrees on the definitions for excused absences, and that efforts to curtail them are having little effect.
Corporate America has begun to realize just how much of an impact the health and wellness of their employees has on the overall costs of running a business.
For many districts, the funding they receive from the state is based on student attendance rates. According to Tribune calculations
We can no longer afford to throw billions of dollars at innovations just because "reformers" think they sound like neat ideas.