chronic illness

Millions of people with preexisting conditions will be affected by banning or restricting abortions. Here's how, plus what you can do.
"I no longer hope that my symptoms will go away because hoping would mean focusing on them. I had to accept a failing grade in order to move on."
"It’s critical to consider the vast populace who want to participate and contribute to our society but can’t due to something outside their control."
“It’s the small things — like being told that I’m ‘making things out to be worse than they are’ or that I’m ‘not being positive enough’ — that can hurt more than my illness.”
“'Give her time and she’ll surely catch up,' they said. 'She’ll be fine.' ... When Dalia was 9, she lost her ability to walk, talk, eat, and breathe without a ventilator."
"The more openly we speak about MS, the more we provoke discussion where people can learn and understand."
For some coronavirus patients, recovery has been elusive. Months later, they’re struggling with lingering — often mysterious — symptoms.
"There was one GP who just thought it was all anxiety."
"Ultimately, it didn’t matter what we called my disease. What mattered was learning to live with it."
"Multiple sclerosis has taught me how to surrender to periods of chaos and, in turn, appreciate the wonderful stretches of calm."