chronic illness

For some coronavirus patients, recovery has been elusive. Months later, they’re struggling with lingering — often mysterious — symptoms.
"There was one GP who just thought it was all anxiety."
"Ultimately, it didn’t matter what we called my disease. What mattered was learning to live with it."
"Multiple sclerosis has taught me how to surrender to periods of chaos and, in turn, appreciate the wonderful stretches of calm."
I was determined not to let my illness affect my kids' childhoods.
Chronic illness can wreck your self-esteem. Here's how to make it just a little better.
According to participants in the docuseries, producers promised compassion but delivered exploitation instead.
Living with an undiagnosed chronic illness.
“I'm a Doctor With Chronic Illness. Here Are 12 Things I Wish People Knew." was published on The Mighty. Written by Amy Stenehjem
Despite Harvey, things like insulin shots, antiretrovirals and dialysis can't be interrupted.