chronic lyme

What else helped you get through the grueling treatment of Lyme disease? Staying off of alcohol and pot, and eating really
And please make my birthday wish come true: go suck a lime and do your part to draw awareness to this epidemic. It matters more than you may know.
Marla Maples, an actress and former Mrs. Donald Trump, recently joined a growing list of the famous -- and unfortunate - who
He listened for 10 minutes and calmly said, "You have Lyme. Lyme does all kinds of weird things, but you'll get better. Amazing that I am only the 12th doctor you've been to. Most find me somewhere between 20 and 100."
According to the New England Center of Investigative Reporting, ticks, and cases of Lyme Disease, are on the rise especially in New England where 5,500 Massachusetts residents are infected every year.
This animated map shows the spread of Lyme disease across the U.S. from 2001 to 2013. (Map: CDC, GIF: Shan Wang for NECIR
On a crisp November morning I arrive to spend some time with Sarah. I am greeted first by Sparky, a tiny yet mighty rat terrier, donning a sweater with a lightening bolt emblazoned on his back. Seconds later, Sarah slowly comes to the door and welcomes me into her home with open arms and a slight smile. These days she spends most of her time in a makeshift bedroom that appears to have once been the dining room. The space is connected to the kitchen and still holds a china cabinet, though it's now filled with shoeboxes of medication and supplements rather than plates and glasses
There is pleasure and pain involved with every diagnosis doled out, on multiple levels. But, ultimately, it's up to us to recognize that the root of all of these labels basically comes down to how effectively we can process our feelings, thoughts and behaviors.
Lead, mercury, cadmium, and other toxic metals fuel inflammation and suppress immune function. Environmental toxins and mold
NorVect will be open to medical professionals, to patients and to those with a special interest in vector-borne diseases
"Treatment of persistent Lyme is not only about a good antibiotic combination. Patients have to change their life and their
The take home for me from Katie Couric's recent report on Lyme disease is that there are still too many unanswered questions. We need more research to understand Lyme, which affects 300,000 victims each year because we don't have answers.
Congressman Smith: Lyme disease is the most common tick borne illness in the U.S. and is also endemic in areas of Europe
Like HIV/AIDS in the early 1980s, the world of Lyme has had a small group of dedicated researchers and clinicians who have remained committed to advancing and understanding this disease better.
How do we accelerate the research needed for tick-borne illnesses? "The main point for research is the lack of funding. In
Carsten: In its epidemiological bulletin from the 10th April 2012, the Robert Koch Institute reported an incidence between
Lyme is common, but no more so now than before this report -- this is simply recognition of what has been, not a portent of some new threat to come.
Veronica and Bjorn: We need to gather researchers willing to look "outside of the box" so as to establish better tests and
In many countries, governments and doctors are not sufficiently knowledgeable about the disease. Even when doctors are reasonably informed, guidelines for treatment remain globally controversial.
Today in my focus on Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses around the world, I look at the situation in Australia.