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The Russian president has an uncanny ability to make his target feel like the center of the universe.
Bidding for the 2018 World Cup was the first glimpse of today's "Machiavellian Russia," Ken Bensinger explains in his new book about FIFA's corruption scandal.
He was also banned by FIFA from all football activities for life.
CONCACAF is suing its former leaders for "brazen acts of corruption."
Long ago and not so far away two Queens boys met at the top of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan and spotted a kindred spirit. They were both super-charged New Yorkers on the make and would strive mightily to become something few would ever imagine they could be.
GENEVA (AP) — Chuck Blazer was banned for life by FIFA’s ethics committee on Thursday for widespread corruption, finally
"You may save your completely tattered reputation."
Sepp Blatter's former foot soldiers are turning against him.