Chuck D

When her peers were listening to nursery rhymes, Michelle Rasul was hooked on was hooked on rap legends like Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, and the Notorious B.I.G.
The Public Enemy co-founder's "It's So Hard to See My Baseball Cards Move On" pays homage to the MLB icons who died over the past year.
The legendary rap group rails against "dictator" Trump in "State of the Union."
The famed hypeman accused the Democratic candidate and rap group leader Chuck D of deceiving the public before Sanders' LA campaign rally.
The rap legend takes issue with Trump's reported plan to close the border to asylum-seekers.
"He’s not about sharing the world; he’s about taking."
The legendary hip-hop pioneers piled into a fan's Ford Focus, getting to their show with 15 minutes to spare.
Public Enemy's 'unfuckwitable' DJ talks spreading his wings with Eat The Rat and life with the PE crew.
With his new solo digital album, The Black in Man, he continues to confront the conflicts and frustrations so many in this country face.
We have seen the decline of the record industry splinter off and find a begrudging acceptance of the same technology, which caused its monolithic empire to crumble. This has empowered the listener and given us unimaginable economic choices within the previous music industry paradigm.