chuck hagel confirmation

Or, "When Sleazy Comes Easy."
The two-party system has a long history in America, but is no longer serving the interests of our country.
Via the FRC's website: As soon as he became a potential nominee, the Republican Jewish Coalition wrote a long list of reasons
Consider what the Senate, which once dubbed itself "the world's greatest deliberative body," and a news media, which has greater access to information than at any time in history, didn't deal with just in the last few days of the anti-Hagel filibuster.
After a battle it's important to show respect to those who were on the other side. They have different priorities. They see the world differently -- and it's important to understand that and salute their own magnanimity after this sort of skirmish.
She then offered her best reason and said, "Hulk Smash! Who knows?! The Republicans in the Senate pulled the fire alarm on
The U.S. Senate confirmed former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) as President Barack Obama's next secretary of defense by a 58 to 41 vote Tuesday, marking an end to one of the most drawn-out fights for a president's Cabinet pick.
Paul's vote was most surprising because he had voted against cloture earlier Tuesday, moving to continue the debate on Hagel's
WASHINGTON--Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) plans to vote to confirm President Barack Obama's choice for defense secretary, former
Jon Stewart has clearly had enough of Senator John McCain's grandstanding on Benghazi, so he took some time on Wednesday's