chuck rosenberg

Facts may "weigh heavily in favor of a prosecution" on obstruction — but for the fact you can’t charge a sitting president, says former DEA head Chuck Rosenberg.
Chuck Rosenberg, an ally of James Comey, offered "a strong reaffirmation of the operating principles to which we, as law enforcement professionals, adhere."
Also last month, while giving a speech on Capitol Hill, Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) admitted that he began using
"Rosenberg is clearly not the right fit for the DEA in this administration."
This week's talking points are all, essentially, rebuttals to the biggest nonsense espoused on the stage of the fourth Republican debate. It was hard to pick only seven, as there was a bumper crop of nonsense in this particular debate, so forgive us if your favorite didn't make the cut.
"President Obama should fire Chuck Rosenberg and appoint a new DEA administrator who will respect science, medicine, patients and voters."
It is clear that the DEA has done more damage than good when it comes to drug use in the U.S. From the rise of toxic designer drugs to the billions of dollars wasted fighting on the "war on drugs" to the innocent lives lost because of their carelessness, it is time to cut our losses and shut down the DEA.