Chuck Woolery

In a previous post retweeted by President Trump, the former game show host accused the CDC of lying about the coronavirus.
The former "Love Connection" host accused the CDC of lying in order to sway the election.
"Race-ism. Raaaaaace. Racism. Chuck do you know what etymology means?" asked one person on Twitter.
Chuck Barris, best known as the spirited host of TV’s "The Gong Show" and the brainchild behind "The Dating Game" and "The
At the time of his post, Garvey said, he was upset about Obamacare. "I was really fed up with people smearing the Constitution
This trifecta of intolerance -- Kirk Cameron, Victoria Jackson, and Chuck Woolery -- have opinions that are as outdated as their careers. They have made brief pop culture comebacks by voicing their ignorant opinions in public forums.
Listen to the interview with Woolery: Woolery is promoting "Restart Congress," a project that he outlines on his web site
Pat Sajak, the second best host in the history of Wheel of Fortune, should leave the health care editorial commentary to the trained professionals.