The Housing and Urban Development secretary's team was shooed because they hadn't sought permission to host a press conference in a church lot.
Churches in the Netherlands have been converted into community centers, museums, apartment buildings and even gyms.
The restaurant chain said it would not host an event by a Tennessee pastor who made death threats against gays.
A HuffPost investigation has revealed claims of abuse at a school run by a notorious anti-gay pastor in New York.
Anna Conkey, a 31-year-old mother of two, is expected to face charges that include making criminal threats, police said.
Even Americans who identify with a specific religion aren’t necessarily choosing to join a church, synagogue or mosque.
“At my age I’m supposed to make friends and have a good high school life. Not being able to do that really hurts.”
A Netherlands church has held a 24/7 worship service since October to try to prevent the deportation of an asylum-seeking family.
Pet owners took their animals to church to mark the feast of St. Anthony, the protector of animals.
When a disillusioned young advocate didn’t think public health officials were taking drug overdose deaths seriously, he vowed to step in.
Seguin police arrested 33-year-old Tony Albert, who they said was wearing tactical gear and carrying extra ammunition.
"Rabbis with rifles. That's the answer," notes a sarcastic tweet.
The flock's new members will tend the grounds of the Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral over the next six weeks.
The largest association of American Catholic nuns says the church should hold abusers accountable.
For Curry and others, being Christian means rejecting white nationalism and misogyny, while protecting immigrants, refugees and the poor.
The victims, who are now adults, were enrolled in a church-run program designed to give troubled teens a safe place to live.
San Francisco's Grace Cathedral is using Beyoncé's music to highlight black female spirituality.
The singer apparently wants a private place for "contemplation and prayer."
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus is believed to have been crucified, is temporarily closed.
The decision is retroactive to mid-August 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.