church and state

Religion plays a major role in the way Betsy DeVos thinks about education.
The partisanship, and the quest for power, are much greater threats to Christianity in America than POTUS, SCOTUS, or Congress.
As a Christian minister, this troubles me deeply.
Yet Herbert maintains pornography is the problem, and coincidentally, viewing pornography is strictly forbidden by the Mormon
Is government prayer time only open to those who want to talk about God?
Some of the basic and elementary theological reasons the very notion of a "Christian America" is problematic (pat me on the back; I am restraining my language) include the following:
Gov. Bill Haslam vetoed a bill that would have made the Bible the official state book.
After thirty minutes of discussion, Tennessee lawmakers voted 19 to 8 to make the "Holy" book (yeah, right there in the title, guys) our official state book.
"The vast majority of nations manage to function without religious verbiage on their money," writes lawyer Michael Newdow.
Ben Carson is trying to portray his stance on Muslims and Sharia law as defending the United States Constitution. But by making the argument for the separation of mosque and state but not church and state, he is showing his own hypocrisy.