Church attendance

Even Americans who identify with a specific religion aren’t necessarily choosing to join a church, synagogue or mosque.
Even older Catholics, who are typically more religiously committed, have stopped going to church as often.
Partisans in America's scuffle over religion are either celebrating or panicking, with the fans of Richard Dawkins blowing party horns while clergymen bite their nails. It seems our nation's faith is drowning in a sea of "nones." I admit it. The math initially looks grim.
Where does that leave us who have pledged our lives to this apparently dying institution? As Jesus says numerous times in the Gospels, "Be not afraid."
More than half of the residents of Utah say they attend religious services every week, according to a new survey from Gallup
The Brooklyn diocese created a similar campaign in 2013, declaring that Jesus was the “original hipster.” The Brooklyn Diocese
“This time of transition in the history of the archdiocese will undoubtedly be difficult for people who live in parishes
Crowds of Catholics in the Buffalo area traveled to experience the art and architecture of old church buildings, the AP reports
Even in secular contexts, people of faith can work together to encourage or discourage warfare. As violence has escalated in Israel and Gaza, an international campaign for peace has been launched, involving Jews, Muslims, and Christians.