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Denominational leaders need to ask themselves one set of questions, and clergy need to consider a second set. The answers they provide will be telling, for the churches, clergy and denominational leaders. For denominational leaders, the questions are these.
Church membership is not only relevant for our lives, it is a radical act of defiance to the self-service gods of our culture.
Josh and his panel of gurus discuss the use of substances in religion.
Josh and his panel of gurus discuss the power of breathing.
Josh and Gadadhara Pandit Dasa discuss the true nature of God.
For many, church time is a sobering time. But for a growing number of American Christians, it's the best time to crack open
By Richard Yeakley Religion News Service 8. National Baptist Convention of America, 3.5 million, no membership updates reported
When Christians act like Christ instead of Crips, people join not because of the church's "street cred" and name recognition but because they want to embrace the love of a God that loves them unconditionally.