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Ollie Gardiner died last November at the age of 13 after a battle with cancer.
Anti-LGBTQ churches who want to appear progressive often obscure their traditional views. Elizabeth Lowe's death shows why that is dangerous.
It was "very special," according to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
The couple has decided to get married in a church -- something the archbishop of Canterbury says they didn't take lightly.
Fun fact: A man could separate from his wife if he believed she deceived him with the use of makeup.
Meghan Markle, who is divorced, likely had to go over a few hurdles before being accepted by the church.
The denomination's moves signal a slow shift towards welcoming queer Christians.
"There are no excuses whatsoever for what took place," the archbishop of Canterbury said.
Have you ever been at a party when someone walks by, and suddenly the person you are speaking with leans into you and says
The family will be staying at Justin Welby's London residence starting next month.
In 1911, Violet Vanbrugh and Arthur Bourchier co-starred in a British silent film entitled Henry VIII. In 1912, Clara Kimball
The right to offend is inherent to the right to the freedom of expression. And it is high time for people to get over it.