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A&E's "Scientology and the Aftermath" is ending after three seasons, but Leah Remini isn't giving up the fight.
The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles accuses the actor and organization of stalking, intimidation and conspiracy stemming from rape allegations against the actor.
A former Scientologist is suing the church and its leader David Miscavige, alleging years of abuse — and lawyers are hoping it will inspire more to come forward.
Curacao health officials were tasked with assessing more than 300 people on the Freewinds, where there was a confirmed measles case.
The actress hotly denied a Church of Scientology defector's claim that she'd been interviewed as a potential Cruise mate.
"It's time for us to tell our story," the organization said.
We dive deep into the process of making a 47.5 hour audiobook adaptation of L Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth.
AUSTIN, Texas (CN) - The Church of Scientology’s monitoring of a Texas woman, supposedly ordered by leader David Miscavige
Authorities started investigating the church 18 years ago.
My cousin died in November 1978 in the Jonestown Massacre, the largest mass murder/suicide in American history. Gene Chaikin was a lawyer for Jim Jones and Peoples Temple.
"I'm working most of my time, and then the other time was spent at the church," she says. "So, minimal time is really spent
The Scientology-Approved Version Of 'Going Clear' from Funny Or Die HBO's new documentary on Scientology, "Going Clear," offers
Wright and Gibney criticized Cruise and Travolta's silence regarding claims of abuse. Both Travolta and Cruise are discussed
While the Church of Scientology forcefully denied the claims made in the HBO-aired documentary "Going Clear," comedian Livia
“Although there have been significant reports on the church in the past, the documentary is a powerful indictment of the
Wearing his black turtleneck with "Mission Impossible" music playing in the background, Cruise says it's a privilege to be
The latter portion of Gibney's documentary focuses on Cruise's involvement with the Church, his relationship with current