Church service

Pastor Tony Spell argued that religious liberty allows him to pack his church during the COVID-19 pandemic. A federal judge shot that argument down.
Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court's four liberals in turning away the request from a pentecostal church in California.
The federal health agency backs off its guideline even though a single choir practice in Washington state infected 52 people and led to 2 deaths.
As houses of worship reopen, health care workers weigh in on the risks of attending religious services while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing.
The statement doesn't put the best light on Donald Trump's demand that all houses of worship be re-opened "right now" amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Tony Spell, who was arrested last week for allegedly threatening to run over a church protester, showed off his ankle monitor Sunday.
Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to downplay the threat of the coronavirus by treating in-person church services as "essential."
Tony Spell, pastor of Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge, vowed to continue holding in-person church services despite the pandemic.
The archbishop of Colombo and other religious leaders are cautioning Sri Lankans against attending worship services for the foreseeable future.
The "Jesus Walks" rapper was joined by DMX, Chance the Rapper and others during his set on Easter Sunday.