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An Air Force error let Texas gunman Devin P. Kelley’s domestic violence charge slide under the radar when purchasing firearms.
James Minter was arrested after the shooting Sunday at the Oasis Church in East Selma, Alabama.
An attorney for Dylann Roof says the accused shooter wants to plead guilty.
Repairing an emotional wound begins with acknowledging the hurt sustained. It further involves learning to rigorously observe our thoughts, become aware of old patterns and interpretations, challenge default assumptions, and, most importantly, choosing to make healing a priority.
Does someone who is mentally healthy commit unprovoked, premeditated murder? This type of overwhelming, all-consuming hatred cannot exist within an emotionally healthy human being.
“If it is time to make a change, then it should be up to the Mississippi legislature and the people of the state to decide
Representative William Chumley has a different view of what happened at the Charleston church and what the victims could have done.
Attacks on historically black churches, 1950s-present Black communities in America have long used the church as a place to
Racism is a direct reference to an enforced racial hierarchy rooted in power and privilege. You can't call black people racist, because black people are not beneficiaries of privilege -- the superiority complex that fuels white supremacy.
And so, when the fact of Mr. Clinton's presence became known in the minutes just before the start of the race, there came
Ginn said she's proud of her city. "I forgive you," Nadine Collier, daughter of victim Ethel Lance, told Roof at his bond
"Ultimately Congress will follow the people, and we have to stop being confused by this. At some point as a country, we have
In a crime that has outraged locals, a sniper has reportedly shot down the beloved Confederate flag that traditionally graces the Statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina. "This was clearly one very disturbed individual," said Council Chairman Harvey "Harve" Jeffcoat. "And I can tell you with certainty that he does not represent our community."
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Rubio was one of dozens of lawmakers who backed the measure. Reflecting the odd political dynamics of the state, several
Roof looked into the camera and said, "Yes, thank you, sir." Roof, the lead suspect in Wednesday's mass shooting at a historic
As the Charleston, South Carolina, community grieves the loss of the nine victims who were shot and killed during a bible