Chuy Garcia

“The southwest side was ripe for change,” said Jesús “Chuy” García.
Jesús "Chuy" Garcia, whose election in November is virtually assured, previously lost a mayoral bid against Rahm Emanuel.
If elected, Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa would have been the first openly gay Latino member of Congress.
But there are suspicions retiring Rep. Luis Gutiérrez tried to tilt the contest.
Given these annual funding crises, how should the state re-orient itself when it comes to budgets and spending? What is the
After it became clear that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had enough votes to declare victory over his challenger, Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, in the city's runoff election April 7, both candidates took to the podium to address their supporters and wrap up each of their campaigns.
Despite the power of incumbency and the backing of the President, Rahm Emanuel nevertheless became the first mayor in Chicago history to be forced into a runoff. Emanuel's struggle to retain his office is a warning for politicians everywhere: Corporate Democrats are likely to find themselves on the defensive in 2016 and beyond.
Had some other downstate Republican congressman resigned suddenly amid allegations of padding his mileage reimbursement, as did Aaron Schock of Peoria six days ago, the world outside his district might scarcely have noticed. But Schock was not just another face among the 18-member congressional delegation from Illinois.
Alex said the Latino Victory Fund was especially excited to support her because they played a role in urging her to run for
The Illinois statewide council of the Service Employees International Union announced on Sunday it was backing Garcia, though