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The head of the CIA’s Counter­terrorism Center, who presided over the agency’s drone campaign and directed the hunt for Osama
Obama did not start the congressionally unauthorized drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia -- which because of this lack of legitimate authority are essentially murdering people without due process -- George W. Bush did. But Obama has accelerated the illegitimate killing.
If you had trouble identifying certain flying objects in the skies in the 1950s and 1960s, the CIA has an answer for you
“This is a remarkable brief, not least because it was filed on the same day that President Obama emphasized his commitment
As I listened to the stories of the survivors and victims, it became strikingly apparent that the CIA simply had no idea whom they were targeting. These strikes may be technically accurate, but the intelligence on which they are based is damningly flawed.
Rosa Brooks, a New America Foundation fellow and Georgetown University law professor, said the problem with the targeted
Nek Muhammad knew he was being followed. Read more on New York Times
"It's been a very, very effective tool in disrupting the leadership of al Qaeda. I would be cautious about trying to shift
What is publicly known about the drone program stems from a series of news reports, including key stories from The New York
A federal appeals court rebuffed the Obama administration's drone policy on Friday, ruling that the CIA stretched its considerable secrecy powers "too far." The stinging decision may be the biggest news in the war on terror that you've never heard about.
A federal appeals court has reversed a lower court's decision that dismissed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the CIA, ruling on Friday that it was neither "logical nor plausible" for the government to contend the agency had no interest in drone strikes.
"We hope that this ruling will encourage the Obama administration to fundamentally reconsider the secrecy surrounding the
John Brennan, President Barack Obama's nominee to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency, didn't officially acknowledge the CIA's role in the use of drones in the targeted killing of suspected terrorists overseas during his testimony last week, a Justice Department lawyer contended in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit this week.
The Justice Department has yet to disclose seven Office of Legal Counsel memos that lay out the legal justification for targeted
"If you're an American citizen, you go overseas, you take up arms -- I'm probably for executing you, but I would want to
A lack of accountability in the US and UK's drone programs has prompted the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to launch an investigation into potential war crimes. Jessica Corsi, Josh Hersh and Naureen Shah join Ahmed to discuss.
The Obama administration has accelerated armed drone strikes against individuals and groups in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
That June, three months after the Datta Khel attack, Brennan boasted that in the drone attacks, "there hasn't been a single
The American Civil Liberties Union and the New York Times have both filed multiple Freedom of Information Act requests for