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The U.S. Senate just issued a report that said torture doesn't work. It confirmed a mountain of research from academics over the years that reached the same conclusion.
The CIA's inspector general has confirmed that in the course of a long-running Senate investigation into the CIA's George
Attorney General Eric Holder called Tuesday for the release of "as much as possible" of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture, making clear his position on an issue that has generated dueling criminal referrals to the U.S. Department of Justice.
But Holder's voice is significant to the ongoing debate over CIA torture practices like waterboarding conducted under former
The CIA's defenders, meanwhile, have already begun to push back: They are charging that partisan bias taints the report's
If the White House ultimately declassifies the Senate report's executive summary, CIA supporters have already telegraphed
The Senate Intelligence Committee is set to vote on sending its torture report to the White House for redaction and release
Our nation needs an effective and unburdened CIA, a restoration of trust between the branches of government, and an opportunity to reassert our moral leadership internationally in pursuit of a more just and peaceful world. To do this, secrecy about the mistakes of the past must end.
WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked the C.I.A. for an internal study done by the agency that lawmakers
A CIA officer who was the first woman to lead the agency’s clandestine service, but was also closely tied to the agency’s