This recipe from Jenny Rosenstrach's new book has everything we want in an autumn dinner.
Dropping in on the Land's End Farm, we visited with Roger Wilkins -- whose enthusiasm for cider is in itself intoxicating
Orange wines are popping up everywhere, including at Chicago's Bar Marta, and at The Red Hen in DC, which has a section of
Think of all the quintessential fall activities you want to check off this season: apple picking, brewery tour, spa treatment, cider doughnuts. The list goes on. Luckily, there is a one stop town in Upstate New York where you can do all of the above -- and much, much more.
Alexandria Fisk and Jahil Maplestone, Descendant's two co-founders, like a challenge. The Australian and English husband
Beer cocktails and wine cocktails have become more commonplace on menus, but can cider get in on the action?
These easy, breezy drinks will satisfy your thirst while adding some flavor to your relaxing day by the pool.
Hard cider is no stranger to this country. History is flooded with mentions of the golden juice. Colonial Americans trusted cider above drinking water and even the founding fathers quaffed startling amounts on a daily basis.
Vinegar adds essential astringency to salad dressings, balances sauces and brightens all manner of flavors.
If you walk into a cocktail bar and ask for a Moscow Mule, it's time to order a new concoction.
Wes Mickel honors the great tradition of the beverage he's sharing with the world.
My mission this trip was to boldly go -- well, a bit further east (and not just on the way to the airport).
In the British capital, I met up with James Dowdeswell, a local comedian who actually grew up in a pub! The plan was to sample a few brews at his favorite boozers in East London but our pub crawl got interrupted! And I'm glad it did.
Stella Atrois Cidre joins several other ciders from major industry players on the market. Anheuser-Busch, which owns Stella
To serve this piping-hot spiked cider for the winter holidays, get started now.
With coffee cake and mulled wine, being snowed in won't seem like such a drag after all.
Thanksgiving is a time for family traditions. Some people love sausage and bread in their stuffing, while others make theirs hot or sweet.