Cillian Murphy

The "Oppenheimer" actor and Academy Award winner has Big Introvert Energy.
Brosnan's pick, an Oscar nominee, said he thinks he's "a bit old" to play the fictional spy.
In an interview with People, Murphy’s co-star Emily Blunt joked about cheese being a great stress reliever.
Blunt, who portrayed J. Robert Oppenheimer's wife in the film, gifted her co-star a rather luxurious pillow — only for things to go terribly awry.
The two actors appeared alongside each other in the Oscar-nominated film “Oppenheimer.”
"Do I have lipstick on my nose?" the "Oppenheimer" star began his speech, after his wife's celebratory kiss left a smear on his face.
The "Oppenheimer" star said the earlier Nolan film broke his heart and "had a big impact" on him.
The star of Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" was considered for the same role in a cable series about the Manhattan Project.