And that the president, two weeks after he told four American congresswomen of color to "go back" to their own countries, is definitely not racist.
The president continued to spread discord as he spoke in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Protesters with banners that read "Immigrants Built America" and "Chinga La Migra" were escorted out of the event in Ohio.
Trump later called the Brent Spence Bridge “dangerous” and told area residents “we’re going to get it fixed.” He has not.
“Pundits will be watching and waiting for chants of ‘send them/her back,'" the newspaper warned in an editorial.
Mayor John Cranley told HuffPost that "people want us to be able to keep them safer."
A 23-year-old man told authorities he is Timmothy Pitzen, who would be 14 years old now.
The city's mayor renewed calls to end gun violence, saying, "There’s something sick at work here."
Someone stole the Rev. David Meredith’s ordination certificate. So his congregation plastered his office door with their own certificates of love.
The campaign of his GOP opponent has been tracking him, but denied involvement.