cindy gamrat

"No one is above the law, not even those who walk in the halls of power."
The two tea party Republicans tried to cover up their affair while they were in office.
"People have come up to me in the grocery store, in the post office, saying they feel bad for what has happened to me."
GOP Rep. Todd Courser also resigned when it became clear that a majority Republicans had secured votes from enough Democrats for his expulsion.
Michigan is a mess. Everybody's talking about Tea Party Republican State Representatives Cindy Gamrat, Todd Courser and their freaky-deaky love affair.
"I believe that an open and honest investigation will vindicate me."
The Michigan lawmaker claims he was a target of the "Lansing mafia."
State Rep. Todd Courser (R) planned to hide his affair with fellow Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R) by implicating himself in a fake sex scandal to detract attention from the affair.
State rep allegedly wanted to distract from affair with fake story about gay sex.