cindy hyde-smith

These Mississippi schools also receive new public funding through state vouchers for private education.
"Maybe the citizens are no longer looking at gender but they’re looking strictly at qualifications," said one judge-elect.
The Senate has more women than ever, but Hyde-Smith won't be advancing their cause.
She joked about public hangings and voter suppression during her campaign tour.
The GOP senator was the prohibitive favorite, although the backlash to her “hanging” remark gave Democrats some hope.
Even after a video surfaced of her condoning "public hangings,” Charles B. Johnson and his wife gave $5,400 to Hyde-Smith, then asked that it be returned.
Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and Democratic challenger Mike Espy face off Tuesday.
In the newly unearthed video, the Senate hopeful from Mississippi retells jokes about wives being left outside or left for dead.
A runoff election will decide if Mike Espy, a black man, can defeat Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith.
Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is under fire for controversial details from her past.
Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith beat Democrat Mike Espy to become the next Mississippi senator.
On the front page of The Oxford Eagle, Jaz Brisack slammed the senator and her "misogynist policies."
The actor-artist has a message for Mississippi voters ahead of Tuesday's runoff election.
The Mississippi senator has been heavily criticized for her remark about a ”public hanging.”
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith recently drew criticism for remarks condoning public hangings and the Confederacy.
The president's rally for Mississippi Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith will drag us back toward the Jim Crow era.
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defended her recent comments, saying they were "turned into a weapon to be used against me.”
The retailer joins two other corporate donors seeking refunds from Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s campaign.
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) said it should be harder for "liberal folks" to vote.
“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” This joke has a Mississippi senator in hot water.