cindy sherman

For Guild Hall curator Christina Strassfield, a show on minimalism was a no brainer. Currently on view in two large galleries, stark works in sand colors, geometrics, in brown felt material, in bright neon, the exhibition displays art from the collection of Bridgehampton resident Leonard Ruggio, whose passion is minimalism, a midcentury movement that challenges our notions of the types of materials can be used in art, and in fact our traditional notions of beauty.
Feminist art is making a comeback in Los Angeles -- and heritage women art stars are a hotter trend today than they were as trailblazers 30 years ago.
The art world still has a very serious race problem. It's time to start caring.
CC: I hope that my curatorial work offers something of a bridge for any photo-lovers who want to get excited about the future
All of the images are iconic, iconoclastic, and uniquely familiar. We recognize them and yet we have never seen them before
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Ever the iconoclast, photographer Cindy Sherman has been upending perceptions about beauty, media, and societal stereotypes for 40 years.
I want to share with you an experience that I had last week with artwork that not only impressed me with the quality, but also educated me and open my mind.
You're regarded as one of the most prominent figures in Los Angeles. What inspired you to become so involved in your community