The actress filed for divorce from her husband, Brian Austin Green, in 2015.
Clint Eastwood was honored on Wednesday night at CinemaCon's “Legend of Cinema Luncheon: A Salute to Clint Eastwood." In
If Cinemacon was an essay, I was a measly comma. The fourth day of Cinemacon was my new beginning, a rebirth for the sassiest party-crasher on the strip. I hoped to wiggle into VIP areas with my usual poise and brashness, but I was unsure whether I could succeed.
This is a celebration of movies, the people who make them and a celebration of the theater owners who show them. It is the one time each year when the movie exhibition industry gathers to thank the people who show their films and, while there, show off a range of innovations intended to entice more people to come to see them.
Charlie Brown in 3-D? Good grief! Twentieth Century Fox announced the news Thursday at CinemaCon. Very few details were revealed
Hollywood seems to be getting the hint. More films are targeting older audiences, and many of them have been big box office
Twentieth Century Fox has announced a Planet of the Apes sequel, The Wolverine sequel starring Hugh Jackman and a remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to star Ben Stiller.
"I would have gotten a boob job ten years ago," Charlize Theron deadpanned Thursday at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. When accepting
Before he left, he invited the audience to a surprise screening of The Dictator at 11 that evening in a local movie theater and, as he left, he stopped to kiss Katzenberg's head.
If those who haven't seen a 3D movie wait a few months their view promises to be greatly improved. That is because a new age of 3D glasses is about to dawn. Long gone are the red and green cellophane lenses in cardboard frames.
Former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd who nine days previously -- a fact he repeated often -- had assumed the role of Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) recently spoke about the state of the industry.
The annual meeting of theater owners is about getting customers into their local movie theater. Toward that end, there were talks on everything that may impact the consumer's theater-going experience.
Rosie: Blake Lively donned crepe paper and stuck her finger in an electric socket a short Marchesa number, Helen Mirren kept
For people who love movies, CinemaCon is four days of bliss and for the exhibitors and filmmakers it is a time bursting with hope that this year, as each year before it, will be better than the last.
At the ShoWest 2010 celebration, filmmakers and theater owners introduced their upcoming releases and stars.