Critics say the academy's decision will save minimal time and disrespects the accomplishments of people behind the camera.
I've been working on this film as Executive Producer for several years. I have watched Aulakh and Kent pour their passion
Rodrigo has shot some of the most celebrated films of the last fifteen years, including The Wolf of Wall Street, 8 Mile, Babel
Time-lapse cinematography pioneer, Louie Schwartzberg, explains that we must create a personal relationship with nature in order to be inclined to protect it.
He is a cautious and wary young man, creative and soft spoken. He can erupt in joy and laughter, but it's always tempered. There's little room for reckless abandon in a world of frequent change and unexpected loss.
Zsigmond worked on a range of films including "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "The Deer Hunter."
When I heard about Miles to Go, a coming-of-age comedy-drama about a thirtysomething, tattooed, Jewish writer in Los Angeles with commitment issues, I knew it was something I needed to see. As that more or less describes me (sigh).
Shop our editors' picks below! Travis John Hoffman, a cinematographer and professor at the New York Film Academy, said that
I have a soft spot for indie films about characters in their twenties who are trying to make sense of their lives. But this is a bit different.
Astrophysicist and New York Film Academy instructor Rajiv Uttamchandani wanted to boldly take his students where no film school had gone before, so this summer he and his class launched a weather balloon craft, complete with camera, GPS, and parachute system, into space.
while Deakins is quick to play down whatever small role he played in WALL•E's eventual enormous box office success, his creative contribution did not go unnoticed by others in the animation industry.
I'm not going to predict or select or analyze this year's winners. Leave that for the "critics" and "pundits." This year, I'm picking the All-Time Oscars. Today, I'll offer a set of nominees for Best Supporting Actor (of all time!).
My head a little feverish, my heart pumping, I felt the intensity of emotion reverberate throughout my body. It's incredible that a few 14-minute films can provoke such a powerful reaction.
Movies with breathtaking camera shots create powerful and engaging images. Erik Molberg Hansen is a Danish Director of Photography, who just completed work on Pernilla August's celebrated movie Beyond.