The spice can help stabilise blood sugar levels and fight infections.
Cinnamon has been part of human history since 2800 BC when it first appeared in Chinese medical writings. Our ancestors recognised
Adam Sobel is as authentic and as transparent as one gets. Like the Manhattanite he is, he doesn't mince his words but stays true to his philosophy. He's hilarious as he's insightful, as sharp as he's mellow.
When I started making this granola, I didn't realise just how much flavour freshly grated coconut would add - it literally is the core essence of the granola.
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There are many other home remedies associated with nutmeg, including using the spice as a pain reliever or for indigestion
To this day, those Pumpkin Roll filled days are some of my fondest childhood memories. Nana often baked and cooked from memory
Although I love meandering through the aisles of vendors, I really go for two very important reasons: caramel slathered apples and homemade apple butter.
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