circadian rhythms

Want to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease? Adjust when you go to sleep.
Nix these things and get better z’s, guaranteed.
Disruptions of the biological clock has been linked to the development of certain cancers.
The implications for city-dwelling humans aren't great either.
Newborns sleep about 16 hours a day, but as they age they develop a homeostatic mechanism that balances their increasing ability to stay awake and their ongoing need for sleep. The circadian rhythm of sunlight and darkness helps to drive one part of this mechanism.
When I start to work with any new coaching client, I always include these questions: What time (on average) do you go to
Understanding this process could be a first step toward better treatment for insomnia and jet lag.
My physician told me, although officially she doesn't recommend it, that when she can't sleep she gets up and works out in
Your ancestors probably woke up in the middle of the night. So why does it seem like a big deal when it happens today?
When you try to become more productive, you don't get there by mere willpower. In order to attain peak productivity, you've got to have a plan. In this article, you'll learn an easy-to-follow plan that will improve your productivity.