The moment I wish I could most do over is working for Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus for a year.
Much of the island is still recovering from the devastating storm.
The law comes four months after New York City outlawed all wild animals in circus acts.
Truong Tan’s catalogue for his first solo exhibition in 1994 documents his tentative exploration of performance art and frequent
A youth circus program in Trenton, New Jersey is bringing kids together from all walks of life to strengthen friendships and build up communities.
The Holy Bible famously documents the stories of individuals whose origins in no way point toward the legacy they are celebrated
However, these changes don't happen without the efforts of committed and compassionate citizens across the country. Their voices--when raised in unison, with authority, and with fearlessness--can effect change most significantly.
Friend request sent. Just like in contortion, being in pain and discomfort is normal. That's how we know we're doing it right
Phenomenal antics with a soccer ball, including spinning it on a straw-sized stick that's held in the performer's mouth, while
One can only hope that everyone on the political spectrum will have the stamina - not to mention agility - required for running
You're Only As Good As The Whole Ignorance makes strange the stranger and fear an enemy of one's neighbor. A society that
"Vocal training and singing correctly and efficiently was of the utmost importance in getting through 13 shows a week," says
Photo: Martin Girard In time, maybe we will see that we are the most awe-inspiring machine to ever exist. For all the scientific
Mr. Ford's story is one example of how the judicial system needs committed watchdogs, and here's the story of one you should
• They Keep It In the Family. Holy acrobats-light show-unicycles y'all- Ringling Brothers brought it. And now, they're bringing
Tickets are extremely affordable, ranging from $10-$50 per person, and certain seating areas even have a "free child" offer