Activists want the animals to live out their lives at a sanctuary, not the Ringling's facility in Florida.
Two elderly pachyderms traveled in style on a 1,300-mile trek to their new home.
To answer this question personally, what you experience in the circus very much depends on the type of circus and what kind of job you're doing. Touring shows are full of hard work, bad food, and incidents that make for great stories later on.
The California Senate has sent the Assembly an important elephant protection measure that would prohibit the menacing weapon called the bullhook that is used in circuses and other entertainment to control captive elephants through fear and pain.
Imagine there's nowhere you can go where you are not the curiosity that tempts roving eyes and odd glances. Imagine that your very presence evokes a profile in the imagination of others, which instinctively limits who and what you are.
Adrielle Alves had a secret. A secret she'd been clinging to since joining Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey approximately four years earlier. Initially, she was hired to perform alongside the featured flying trapeze ensemble.
What message are we sending to our children if we take them to a circus featuring live wild animals? Observing tigers jumping through flaming hoops or watching elephants balancing on balls sends the wrong message as this is not behavior we would find in the wild.
IT WAS A DRIZZLY WINTER DAY, and inside the Jacksonville Coliseum, Kenny, a three-year-old Asian elephant, was supposed to
Politico has an interview with Barker about the need for the legislation: The TEAPA event is at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, in
A circus is a fascinating place, for child and adult alike. Whether you're a fan of contemporary circus (nouveau cirque) like
WHAT: Park Avenue Armory's Carnival WHY: WHEN: Friday, October 8 - Monday, October 11 On Columbus Day weekend, Park Avenue