cirque du soleil

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out for a charity event Wednesday.
The singer-songwriter just kicked off her "Handmade Holiday" Tour.
It is not uncommon these days to hear of an Instagram account that was deactivated or unfairly removed. We have learned that
Phenomenal antics with a soccer ball, including spinning it on a straw-sized stick that's held in the performer's mouth, while
Death is the topic at hand in "The Undertaking," specifically understanding it and if there's any knowledge that would lead
Photo: Martin Girard In time, maybe we will see that we are the most awe-inspiring machine to ever exist. For all the scientific
As part of their "Michael Jackson Birthday Weekend" with the Estate of Michael Jackson, Cirque du Soleil hosted myself and
Ruby Lewis got her first big break singing in church. It was the holidays and she was dressed like an elf, sitting on a piano. "The song was written just for me," says Lewis, who grew up in Shelbyville, Kentucky.
That debut album was "Boy". The band was U2. Scott Zeiger (Photo: Kathy Zeiger) Zeiger, in the midst of rehearsals for Cirque
Michael Jackson ONE @ Mandalay Bay A music based Cirque du Soleil production paying tribute to the legendary pop idol Michael
With her beloved Kansas in her heart and sawdust in her veins, Bernice continues to enjoy a thriving career in the world of the circus, her own land of Oz; she has also presided as Company Manager at Big Apple Circus and is currently working with Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity in Las Vegas, NV.
"I'm still accepting my new life," says Christina Cantlin with an easy smile. It is an experience I know of all too well
That festival was a really cool part of the Las Vegas scene before "Life Is Beautiful," emerged. This is the festival's first
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