"Woah! Really? I'd never know! You look exactly like a man!"
Ever wonder about the brain's white matter microstructure diffusivity? Don't know what the hell we're talking about? Well, start paying attention... because it may be important in determining our gender identity.
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when we tend to think about the less fortunate, and this year, I'll be thinking specifically about two numbers: $49 and $65.
"Cis" and "cisgender" certainly have a proper place in academia and are likely to be used there for a long time, given how their use has steadily increased. They are also increasingly used in non-LGBT progressive circles as part of policy and sociology discussions. Outside these contexts, however, neither word does us much good.
Within the past year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) has made an effort to educate the public about the dangers of hiring a consultant or notary to process their immigration, also giving advice on how to protect oneself.
Have we allowed domestic and foreign terrorists to control our policies, and thus allowed them to create a deep-seated fear within us? And have these policies continued to chip away at our freedoms?
Immigration issues are far more complicated than just border security, Mehlman said. "Our view has always been that the fence
Davis Guggenheim (and everyone involved with this film) has done our country a great public service. The conversation has been tipped. We need to keep it going in every way possible.
From the Sugar Plum Fairy to Musetta's Waltz, the former Soviet republics showed off some brilliant young talent performing Romantic Era greats: Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Puccini.
America's top religious and law enforcement leaders are taking a strong stance in favor of sensible immigration reform and it's made the anti-immigrant crowd very nervous.