Every year the media is plastered with reports about the disparity in the amounts of money companies pay in taxes. The following is a list of the highest and lowest paying businesses when it comes to total taxes on all layers of government, according to the WalletHub report.
There is no doubt that leadership within any organization is important, and to make a company exceptional it's not simply about having capable leaders at the helm of a group but effective ones. The problem that many companies run into is finding that leadership.
A few factors helped tech companies accumulate cash. First, Apple and other tech firms don't like paying out dividends, convincing
If the world is to sustain the momentum of economic development that is essential to Jim Yong Kim's optimism, the companies and countries that have benefitted from expanding free trade have a collective stake in figuring out a path forward that stanches the downward spiral of the American middle class.
In a rapidly changing corporate environment, with traditional career paths and entire industries dissolving overnight, it can be a challenge for younger leaders to figure out the right path forward. Here are her top three insights for under-30 executives.
“ECU has used the mark ‘Tomorrow Starts Here’ for over a decade, including in national advertisements and publications such
Ellison, one of the most highly paid chief executive officers in the United States, and the world's sixth-richest man, according
Small businesses have always had a simple but nonetheless nagging problem: answering their phones with a consistent, professional presence.
by visually via Here is the infographic "Inequality in America" from The high rates of compensation for CEOs of
In an exclusive interview for The Huffington Post's Women in Tech series, Warrior shared her take on how the tech industry
"Don't think of it as losing your job, think of it as a time-out between stupid bosses." That's just one of the many comforting
CEO'S WINGS CLIPPED "There doesn't appear to be anyone within Cisco who is positioned to take over," said a veteran tech
As many as 7,000 jobs would be eliminated by the end of August, the people told the agency. Cisco is also providing early
America banned export of crime-control products like the one being discussed after the violent protests in Tienanmen Square
There are places on this planet where the Flip camera can change a life.
Picking stocks for a decade is no easy task. It might as well be for a lifetime because there probably will be two more bear
It certainly looked like Dmitry Medvedev had a good time on his first trip to America last week as Russia's president. It was all a far cry from the bleak old days of the Cold War.
We in the theatre have known for a long, long time that the show must go on. I'd venture to say that there's only one man in Washington who knows this in his bones -- National Endowment for the Arts chair, Rocco Landesman.
President Andy Stern spoke at the building's entrance, looking like a member of TV's Prize Patrol Sweepstakes, with a supersized
The corporations and small businesses that power American growth and shape our society could be the fuel that turbo-charges our vision of national service.