Only one military college in the U.S. still flies the battle flag. Rep. Jim Clyburn wants to stop it.
An unsettling cash phenomenon happened in the art world just two weeks ago, when a gigantic pile of money exchanged hands between two major American art philanthropists. A $500 million dollar pile, to be precise.
After filing for divorce last year, billionaire Kenneth Griffin reportedly says his wife is claiming $1 million in monthly
The law was a legislative compromise reached after years of controversy that swirled around the flying of a Confederate flag
"I am hopeful we have a model that will allow us to get closer and closer to those who are the ultimate perpetrators of these
My family left Syria in late 1967 after nationalization started taking place and moved to Detroit. It's really hard for me to wrap my head around what is going on in my homeland. People often ask me how I feel about Syria, and frankly, it confuses me.
The Citadel is considered a go-to campaign spot among GOP presidential contenders, according to The New York Times. The senior
Guided by Thomas Jefferson's concept of "rightful liberty," or the idea that "neighbors keep their noses out of other neighbors
I wanted to share my stories with you, so that you might know a land and people beyond distorted filters of violence and destruction.
Syria endures as one of the world's greatest cultural crossroads. Its architectural and archeological record lends dignity and pride of place to its citizens. The question today is, can this precious national patrimony survive another year or even a few more months?
It's another week loaded with music and movie releases, and once again, the world's critics are here to express their opinions
A recent Citadel graduate accused of sexual improprieties at the public military university once worked for Rick Santorum's
After Penn State's horrific abuse scandal came to light last week, another college has come clean about an abuse allegation
By their own admission, we know that Citadel's leaders' decision to keep child sex abuse charges involving their alum and employee from police was a moral failure to "duty honor country."
It is not very often that business people head to Washington to explain how unimportant they are. But over the last several
It is never good to hear that large financial players may have broken the law, and the huge insider trading investigation unfolding on Wall Street is deeply troubling. But the upside to the probe is that it offers a chance to curb the outsized power of hedge funds.
Iraqi Kurdistan is full of the growing pains and remarkable opportunities of a society that is moving on from violence and redefining a national and regional identity. This is the story we are here to tell.