The men, who have been held for three years in Venezuela, were immediately sentenced to prison, according to defense attorneys.
The men have been detained for over two years since Venezuelan officials asked them to travel to the country for a meeting.
Hey BU! We're not done with the Citgo Sign! When I was a little kid lying on my bed on Bay State Road in Kenmore Square, I
In Anacortes, Wash., last week, approximately 200 Tesoro workers began picketing the oil refinery where an explosion incinerated seven of their co-workers five years earlier.
Will it be a serious and searching probe of the malevolent formation of prices in the oil industry, costing American and world consumers billions, or just a cursory headline in the manner of the now discredited 'The Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group.'
You are not safe. Not at work. Not at home in your bed. The biggest threat is not terrorism. It's corporate negligence leading to a blast or collapse or release of toxic chemicals.
chavez bronx Mientras el Gobierno de Barack Obama se niega a enviar condolencias por la muerte de Hugo Chávez, al sur del distrito del Bronx, Nueva York, cientos de estadounidenses lloran la pérdida física del líder de la Revolución Bolivariana.
And isn't there a famous Citgo sign near Fenway Park that means just about everything to the denizens of one of our greatest
We have an anomaly in our courts, irresponsibly supported by the executive and legislative branches of our government, in the manner that our courts interpret Sovereign Immunity and, in turn, its impact on our day to day lives.
Is the Obama administration as pathetically submissive to OPEC and oil industry pressures as the Bush administration? How would they deal with this issue if they were given "four more years." And not to be left out, how would a Romney administration handle this hot potato?