Neighborhoods are already being wiped away.
The best use of a CitiBike is a straight shot up or down the West Side highway bike path. That's a great ride on a sunny day, even on a slow bike whose chain can't decide between second and third gears. Cross town isn't as pleasant.
Al Selvin knew a great city, train line, bike path, restaurant and musician when he saw it. I hope we will continue to make L.A. a city worthy of his blessed memory.
Auto sharing is becoming a more popular method of transportation, so why shouldn't bike sharing follow suit? Quite a few consumers and companies agree with that statement. Bicycle-sharing systems have mushroomed over the last few years in large and medium-sized U.S. markets.
Get a tune-up. Bike accidents can happen due to equipment failure. If your bike has been sitting in storage or your garage
President Obama is visiting the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City today and is expected to descend upon a $16 million historic brownstone.
Not every system collects CO2 emissions data, but so far researchers have found that for nearly all bike-share systems, the
Fire trucks and ambulances responding to emergencies have a higher priority legally and morally than people who choose to drive into Manhattan instead of taking public transit.
Recently in the New York Times, Delia Ephron expressed her frustrations with Citibike. Her hostility toward cyclists seemed overdue or outrageous, depending on your bike-car-pedestrian priorities. But an element of Ephron's ire raised an issue that has gotten relatively little attention.
But what if these cities could go even further? What if they could promote bike transportation while also using their coastal
And CitiBike isn't the only great example of this marriage. There's the Uber car service, AirBnB room rentals, Waze mapping, FourSquare check-ins, even my weather app from
Have Art Will Travel from The Madness of Art on Vimeo. Ever wonder what would happen if you, your boss and a famous artwork
My questions are these: How did the guy know to approach my bike? Did someone tip him off? Did the broad daylight only make
Citibike represents, in theory, a wonderful effort and one that will bring efficient means of exercise and transport to many New Yorkers. What's a shame, though, is that the bicycles come without helmets.
One idea I had is to require all Citibike riders to punch into the terminal when they pick up their bike that they agree to wear a helmet, that they understand and will obey all traffic rules and then be shown a couple of safety tips.
I'm not usually quick to praise large banks. But I have to give credit where credit is due -- Citibike is the perfect marketing program and especially notable for a company that has taken a number of hits to its image in recent years.
Official Comedy's parody of Citi Bike makes one thing abundantly clear: if you ride a Citi Bike, you WILL be hit by a car
Sure, there are going to be teething problems such as issues with the app or with closed stations, but overall, I've found that it makes my life easier. I'm disappointed by all the haters who are rooting for the system to fail.