Prices dropped significantly in some major cities known for high rent.
Urban areas will need a major transformation to recover from COVID-19. So far, local leaders haven’t stepped up.
Progressive city councilwoman Michelle Wu's Green New Deal envisions fare-free transit, cooperative housing and a local conservation corps.
U.S. cities are closing down streets to car traffic and opening them up to people. But which neighborhoods get them and whether they'll stay remains to be seen.
People without permanent housing are subject to an increasing number of laws that are nearly impossible for them to obey.
A report from WalletHub ranks cities based on metrics like number of attractions, bar accessibility and more.
Residents of wealthy neighborhoods are taking extreme measures to block much-needed housing and transportation projects.
From free pets to street-naming rights, cities and states were willing to hand over more than just tax breaks to Amazon.
Santa Monica officials decided to look at more than just economic prosperity when gauging their citizens' success.
After a rash of vehicular terror attacks, city planners are considering ways to add safeguards to urban centers.
The best way to help out-of-work coal miners is to invest in making them part of the clean-energy future.
Each city was analyzed based on five factors, or "green" data points: The number of LEED certified buildings per each 1,000
People feel happier, healthier, and more social when they engage with nature. Their cognitive abilities go up and stress levels go down. So why is nature so often thought to be found only "out there" in the wilderness, or perhaps suburbia?
Kaid Benfield writes about community, development, and the environment on Huffington Post and in other national media. Kaid's
Our National Park Service recently granted us some comic relief to a tremendously challenging period in American history
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