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The actor's latest alter ego, Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., says the former vice presidential candidate is "bleedin’ FAKE NEWS."
Perhaps music may be obtained from a music stock library that has secured the necessary licenses or perhaps the podcaster
The government of Mexico is deploying a start-up, open data and a wildly popular group of comedians to force itself to become
“When do we go back to the front?” were his first words after coming to in the recovery room.
The source for information remains crucial, and earned stories in traditional news sources are the most trusted. People are still skeptical of visible involvement of a brand in content. Earned media cannot be bought or owned, it is "earned" organically.
Paula took it upon herself -- unasked, entirely on her own initiative -- to begin conducting "man/woman on the street" interviews with strangers she interacted with in her daily life (she lives in Akron, in the bellwether state of Ohio), to see what they thought about the election season.
In many states, voters are barred from taking pictures of their ballots.
While Americans watch nightly cable coverage of the U.S. presidential race as if it's the only story worthy of attention, elsewhere, a world of news unfolds, ranging from unexpected cultural happenings to grisly assassinations.
(Side note: This doesn't mean that we, as citizen journalists, should give our work away for free, especially when the "elite
This post has been an interesting experience for me. I have received hateful Twitter messages from those who disagree with my opinion. I have been praised for writing it. I have been accused of being a pretentious douche-bag, full of white privilege, who talks down to his audience and is unwilling to listen to anyone else's opinions or views.
I've spent a good deal of my life placing blame on things other than myself for my shortcomings. When I was an emo teenager
It's more than art for art's sake. Justin Adu's African Amedia exhibit was created with direct intent to deliver in-your-face content that forces one to take in the adversities of society. His work addresses the negative portrayals of African Americans in mainstream media, while also providing a platform to look inward and analyze self.
New projects aim to increase civic engagement in the face of historically low voter turnout
"It would be nice to live in a world where people didn't have to deal with an organization that is not compromised in any manner whatsoever, but we don't live in that world. People have to use cars and they have put to petrol in their cars, and that petrol is made by Shell or BP."
Yes, this isn't easy, since a fake news outlet could claim to be trustworthy. We need some trusted network to test challenges to trustworthiness, maybe inspired by Wikipedia.
So what is the purpose of mainstream media if they are not going to fulfill their mission of informing the public? If you want to get real information about what's going on with people outside of the champagne and limousine loop in America, bloggers and citizen journalists are where you have to go.
While the technology has changed, our constitutional rights haven't. But how do we translate long-standing free speech and privacy protections at a time when anyone with a mobile phone has the potential to engage in an act of journalism?