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The tale of "The Lorax" ends with the Lorax mournfully lifting himself up and away, defeated, leaving devastation all around
In an experiment sponsored by Intel, a Portland, Oregon household uses a low-cost sensor to measure air quality and stream
Inclusivity is also a particular challenge when it comes to citizen science projects. It can be difficult to involve people
As a particle physicist working with the CMS collaboration taking data in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), now is an incredibly
Part I of an Exclusive Ideagen 3 part Ideagen Talk series with Dylan Vecchione. On west Maui, Kahekili Reef it is interesting
We may indeed have to do all of the above. Indeed the most likely scenario could be that human-machine superintelligence
I realize that not everyone wants to travel, but there is no question that it provides invaluable experience and insight to the traveler and to the people the traveler knows or meets. Here are five excellent reasons to see other parts of the world.
Many citizens are enthusiastic about improving their communities and local governments are employing new technologies to take advantage of this resurgence in civic energy. Local level governments, providing an ever-growing share of public service delivery, are experimenting to engage and empower citizens.
A combined, cross-sector approach focused on citizens is necessary. The results can be more citizens engaged in the critical science policies that impact our society.
Defined as engagement of non-professionals in scientific investigation, citizen science involves volunteers asking questions, collecting data, or interpreting results. Any form of citizen science leads to change because it influences human relationships with nature.
Don't you love seeing whale and animal rescues on YOUTUBE or tv or the news? I know I do. I especially enjoy the one where the whale thanked her saviors by giving them a breaching display for over an hour.
Crowdsourcing is giving us a better understanding of everything from traffic jams to the surface of Mars.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has got you covered. NSF supports citizen science and crowdsourcing efforts across all areas of science, whether your passion is scanning the night sky, exploring your own backyard or playing video games.
Use your imagination just one more time: Think about the impact that our collective input can have on research. Those of us with celiac disease are in the fight together. We can unify our voices to amplify celiac disease, be heard, and help build the pathway to a cure.
Unfettered by institutions, the new biohackers have discovered that community labs have more benefits than just cheap lab space. This resultant wave of startups promises to be formidable as seasoned biotech players step up to the plate.
Magle securing a camera trap that captures data for the Chicago Wildlife Watch initiative. Below, more of the sort of images
The Wilderness Act is a reminder of the importance of protecting and preserving our wild spaces -- in the United States and around the world. As I look forward to the next 50 years, I see amazing opportunities for conservation and discovery, and unprecedented risks and challenges facing our natural world.
Paleontologists at the museum plan to remove the femur from the dig site this July. The bone may help paleontologists understand