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This doesn't only have direct effects - it also has downstream affects. Research in an area can dry up when funding disappears
This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. It turns out that these sensors can
The unit's innovative virtual museum contains more than 6,000 photographic records provided by hundreds of citizen scientists
As a particle physicist working with the CMS collaboration taking data in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), now is an incredibly
The Power of Citizen Science What I started wondering as a young person, was if we can't bring the ecosystem to the school
Another interpretation, or application, of swarm intelligence takes place in crowdsourcing. In this case computers and computer
I realize that not everyone wants to travel, but there is no question that it provides invaluable experience and insight to the traveler and to the people the traveler knows or meets. Here are five excellent reasons to see other parts of the world.
Many citizens are enthusiastic about improving their communities and local governments are employing new technologies to take advantage of this resurgence in civic energy. Local level governments, providing an ever-growing share of public service delivery, are experimenting to engage and empower citizens.
A combined, cross-sector approach focused on citizens is necessary. The results can be more citizens engaged in the critical science policies that impact our society.
Defined as engagement of non-professionals in scientific investigation, citizen science involves volunteers asking questions, collecting data, or interpreting results. Any form of citizen science leads to change because it influences human relationships with nature.